Starting Again


Anyone who has tried to search “Joel Chua” will likely find this place. I own the domain name, and maybe I’m not the “Joel Chua” you are looking for?
I’m Joel Chua the illustrator.

As for the name of this blog, I have yet to commit to it.  I’m familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but I also want to reflect my intentions for the blog.  It’s going to be mostly personal, I don’t expect to do any teaching or tutorials here – not that I did any of that before. But if it so happens that I do, then great.

I haven’t thought of how to start again. It’s been so long: hijacked by the convenience of posting on social media.  I typically post on Facebook but I stopped. Too much censorship anyway.  There are other places I would get more of a response – like Discord.  Furthermore, control over one’s own data is a big issue in this day and age, much more so that it was when I began the “Rusty Banana Forge” blog.

Keeping it all updated online is admirable, but it’s not for me. Life’s responsibilities go beyond the need to keep an updated, highly engaging blog.  I don’t follow blogs myself either; I subscribe instead to video channels and communities.

On this blog, you can expect to post projects and art that I’m doing or have finished; as well as relevant news and possibly spirit-related posts.  

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