Colors for Comics

Comic Covers

Covers I have colored for various publishers.

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Night Switch

Written and produced by Michael Heffron. Illustrated by Javier Aranda. Colors by Joel Chua.

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Kingstone Comics (Various)

Various titles colored for Kingstone Comics.

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Drago Bentley

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Sci Fi Proposal

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Speed Racer: The Next Generation

Illustrated by Eduardo Garcia. Published by IDW Publishing.

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Eternal Descent

From issue 3 of the comic book for the band, Eternal Descent. Published by IDW Publishing.

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Amazing Gospel

There is only one name by which we can be saved : Jesus! Published by Crosswind Comics for their prison ministry.

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Yun:The Illustrated Story of the Heavenly Man

The graphic novel based off the celebrated book: the Heavenly Man. Illustrated by Rico Rival.

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Written by John Fultz and illustrated by Roel Wielinga. Published by Archaia Studio Press.

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Written and illustrated by Alex Sheikman for Archaia Studio Press. It's compiled into two books: Robotika and Robotika:A Few Rubles More.

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